Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pearl Bracelet

As Swarovski Crystal has been the trend nowadays,
keeping these precious in our closet wouldn't make us lose any.

Each Swarovski Crystal Pearl is created around a crystal core and gives the pearl its ideal weight. Combining with the Swarovski Pearl coating it causes each Crystal Pearl to glow from within, it feels good to the touch and as a piece of jewelry, it offers that sensual experience.

This Pearl Bracelet would be the classiest to go with your gown perfectly for an important occasion you had. Or it might be an accessory to go with your gown on your big day as a bride.

A Pearl Bracelet as precious as this? You wouldn't wanna miss it when you wanna look your absolute best.

Item Code: B-201
Price: Rm 136.00
Color: Pearl White
Color Status: Available

Item Code: B-202
Price: Rm 136.00
Color: Pearl Grey
Color Status: Available

Please do contact us to order now.
- Email : icrystale@gmail.com
- HP No : +6012 633 8845

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