Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Keeping Your Jewelries

How would you keep your jewelries after you have bought them? Some like to have them displayed on their shelves. Giving a little decoration for their room. In fact, it does gives a blink to your room with this shiny little objects.

As for me, I would also like them to be displayed, especially my earrings, hanging them on the earrings hanger with all types and kinds of them. It really does give me a pleasure looking at the collections.

However, some of the items were made of silver, it wasn't White Gold or Gold. If they were so, it would be easier to be taken care of. Even if its White Gold or Gold, it would still turn dim or gloomy and you'll need to send them to be cleaned or washed.

To keep your jewelry as shiny as ever, it would just take some simple steps to it.

  1. You'll have to always keep them away from the air, sun and water.
  2. When you have your jewelry on when you're washing your hands or it gets wet, always remember to wipe them dry.
  3. Always keep them in seal-able plastic to keep them away from the air. Jewelry exposed to air would slowly dim or turn gloomy or even becomes rusty.
  4. Another way is to keep them in boxes, protecting from the air and sun and of course away from water as well.
  5. Becareful when you use your perfume when your jewelry is on you, try not to spray any of the perfume on your jewelry. It would make your jewelry rusty. You'll never like a rusty jewelry.
Well, all these might be some little tips that is used by some girls out there anyway. Hopefully these tips would give some other girls out there who didn't know how to protect their precious jewelries. It might not be something new, but it is the way! =)

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And Happy Malaysia Day!

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  1. drawer is usually the option..
    but i dont have.. haha =)

  2. I still say boxes would be preferable. Hehe... Cause drawer you still open and close a lot. ^^