Sunday, April 17, 2011

Korean Organic Bamboo Salt

Being Healthy is also a kind of Beauty, beside dressing to be pretty and beautiful, you need to also beautify and purify your body for a healthier you.

By consuming Korean Organic Bamboo Salt is a way to do so, it is enrich with minerals, high alkaline and high antioxidant.

1) Minerals - It prevent most of the disease, relieving pigmentation, allergy problems and also body odor. It could also improve your digestive systems such as gastropathy, gastric ulcer, intestine disorder, hemorrhoids and even constipation.

2) High Alkaline - Maintaining the body Ph systems, neutralizing the acidic toxin in our body rapidly such as uric acid high blood sugar, high cholesterol and etc. Heart disease, hypertension and kidney failure cases are highly advise to consume our Korean Organic Bamboo Salt.

3) High Antioxidant - It possess the effect of detoxification, disinfection, anti-inflation and neutralizing heavy metals which is effective for hepatitis, arthristis stomatoglossitis gastrisis and etc. It could also reduce aging problem, amnesia, parkinson's disease & senile dementia.

Best Choice for the below usage:
Joint Pain Problems - Uric Acid, Gout, Arthritis, Osteoporosis & etc.
Diabetes - Effective to control blood glucose and help healing wound.
Digestive Systems - Gastric pain, Gastric Ulcer, Hemorrhoids, Constipation, Flatulence.
Skin Diseases - Psoriasis and various skin diseases.
Beauty Problems - Acne, Hair Fall.
Mouth Problems - Ulcer, Throat Inflammation, Tooth Decay.
Allergic Diseases - Allergic diseases to skin, food, smell, weather, dust & etc.
Neuron Systems - Migraine, Alzheimer, Parkinson's Disease, Amnesia & etc.
Respiratory Systems - Smoking, Asthma, Cough, Pnuemonia.
Cardiovascular Diseases - Heart Failure, Heartbeat Arrhythmia, High Blood Pressure, Angioclerosis & etc.
Liver Disease - Hepatitis, Excretion, High Cholesterol.
Bladder & Kidney Diseases - Nephritis, Prostate Diseases.
Body Odor - All types of body odor.
Cancer & Tumors - Conrtol Tumors & preventing Cancer from spreading.
Cooking - Adding into fruit juices, when cooking dishes or even to wash your fruits & vegetables.
Other Usages - Use as eye drop and massage.

Method of Use:
Drinking - Add 5gm of Korean Organic Bamboo Salt into 1.5Litre drinking water, drink 1-2 litre daily.
Coughs & Sore Throats - Add 5gm of Korean Organic Bamboo Salt into 1.5Litre drinking water, drink 1-2 litre daily.
High Blood Pressure Patient - Add 5gm of Korean Organic Bamboo Salt into 1.5Litre drinking water, drink 1.5-3 litre daily.
Toothache - Apply to your decay tooth or gargle with Bamboo salt water.
Sinusitis - Breathe in a little bit of Bamboo salt.
Skin Diseases - Apply Bamboo salt to your skin or wash your skin with Bamboo salt water.
Hair Fall - Wash hair with Bamboo salt water and massage it.
Joint Pain - Apply Bamboo salt to the affected area and massage it.
Odor - Apply Bamboo salt to the odor part and massage it for 10 minutes.

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